ENJO + Olly's Box Giveaway

While we totally love our boy Olly and are happy for his hair to be kicking about the house, nothing beats a sparkling clean house!

We recently had the opportunity to try some all-natural fibre cleaning products from ENJO, and oh boy are they awesome.

They require no chemicals to be used, which is great for Jess's asthma, and also for Olly as he pretty much lives on the floor (when he's not on the bed, the couch, or barking out the window).

Products we tried:
  • ENJO Floorcleaner - $115.00
  • ENJO Window Bundle - $149.00
  • Floor Fibre Bundle - $179.00

To celebrate National Dog Day on August 26, we're giving you the chance to win one of two prize packs, each consisting of an ENJO Floorcleaner together with your choice of two floor fibres, plus an Olly's Box.

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