About Olly's Box

Do you know the story of Olly's Box? It’s totally worth a read. Grab your pup, grab a coffee and read on.

Olly's Box was created in a little garage in Brisbane back in 2014, and since then we’ve grown to a squad of nearly 60,000 of the most awesome dog loving (aka dog crazy!) peeps and pups around Oz. It's totally awesome!

We love dogs (like, really, really) and wanted to create a place we thought we'd love to discover cool dog products, learn new ways to engage with dogs, and hang out with other crazy dog people. This has become our mission.

With pet store chains focusing more and more on in-house brands and low-quality imported products, we're facing the decline of fun, engaging, and nourishing products. Which means dogs won't have what they need, and local producers will go out of business.

This is not what your dog wants, and it's not what local producers want, and we don't intend to let that happen.

Working directly with the best producers in Australia, we find products that we know you and your dog will totally love. If we don't love it, you won't hear about it.

Being a dog parent is about living the greatest life possible together with your dog. Learning, exploring, and totally loving each other unconditionally. That's why we love sharing tips, tricks, and other interesting pieces of information from time to time.

At the end of the day, Olly's Box is about bringing out the best in us all, to inspire dog parents to get active with their dog, care more, be happy, and give dogs the greatest life possible.

Thanks for being a crazy dog parent!

- Jess, Drewe, Olly & The Team